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Awarded ‘a space’ arts Talent Development Bursary

I’m excited to announce that I have been awarded the 2019 Talent Development bursary from ‘a space’ arts in partnership with Arts Council England.

It’s no secret that I love to create typography and more recently I have developed a fascination with the idea of developing my lettering into more physical and tactile three-dimensional structures. I’m interested in how these typographical objects would occupy and interact with the environment around them, especially the juxtaposition of these foreign objects within nature. I’m lucky enough to have the historic New Forest nearby, so this will act as the perfect studio for my Talent Development project.

The typographic installations I create will explore the age old tradition of Commoning that still exists in the New Forest today. I’ve already started my research and have spent some time exploring different areas of the New Forest, scouting for potential locations where these temporary installations will be introduced.

The 2019 round of ‘a space’ arts’ Talent Development reportedly had the highest number of applications to date, so I feel extremely grateful to be selected and for the opportunity to explore new ideas which will aid the development of my creative career.

The project will run for the next six months, during which I will create the new series of work. Towards the end of the project, I will be sharing all the work created.

For now, you can follow the progress on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Painting Maps with Ordnance Survey

I was recently commissioned by Solent Showcase Gallery in partnership with Ordnance Survey to design and paint a huge illustrated map of the city of Southampton for the Make Your Mark exhibition.

As part of the project, I was invited to write an article for the Ordnance Survey blog about my experience painting the huge map of Southampton. It was a chance to give an insight into my process and also share my personal feelings about the power of the interactive aspect of the project.

Painting the roads was an amazing experience and with each one I painted, I could slowly see the city of Southampton forming below my feet. With the addition of the roads running through the piece, this bold and colourful abstract painting had now become a map!

You can read the full article here: ‘Make Your Mark’ interactive painted map

A big thanks to Joss Harris from Ordnance Survey and Kate Maple from Solent Showcase Gallery.

‘Art For Everyone’ – Project Calm Article

It was a great pleasure to be invited by Project Calm Magazine to write an article as part of their ‘Mindful Murals’ segment in issue 11. I talk about my transition from the Graffiti world to the design industry, the meditative aspects of painting, achieving flow states during the creative process and much more.

“I’m a big advocate of the psychology of flow states, where you get so lost in the task that it becomes meditative and you reach your optimal performance.”

You can read the full article here: ‘Art For Everyone’ Project Calm Article

Thanks to Editor Lara Watson.

Camden Town Brewery Zine Interview

During my ‘Love Lager’ mural project for Camden Town Brewery, I was interviewed for their Little Camden Beer Zine. They wanted to know about my musical influences, the process of painting murals and how it differs from digital illustration, as well as my opinions on whether the industry is easier or harder to break with the rise of social media platforms, a topic which I take great interest in.

“Seeing such a large amount of high quality work from industry professionals has become overwhelming and intimidating for some younger creatives and this paralyses them creatively.”

You can read the full interview here: Camden Town Brewery Zine Interview

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (September 2017)

Following the request by some members of the public to remove a mural painted by artist Chris Miller in the East End Park area of Leeds, I was invited to speak to Andrew Edwards on BBC Radio Leeds about the acceptance of “graffiti” and give my opinion on the issue. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this particular artwork, I discussed the importance of providing platforms for young talented people to showcase their creativity in the public realm. I also covered the different levels of traditional graffiti and touched a little on my own personal beginnings in painting large scale murals.

“Some of these things can take a long time to paint and logistically it’s a real project management role that you take on as an artist when you take on these projects.”

This broadcast aired on Wednesday 20th August 2017 (12:30pm). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (August 2017)

This week I had the pleasure of being invited back for a third time to speak to BBC Radio Leeds about “street art” and my role in it’s increased acceptance in the city of Leeds. I spoke about my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural which was recently shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017. I also tried my best to unpick the classic conversation of defining the difference between traditional graffiti and street-art, as well as talking about my involvement in the planning of the brilliant ‘A City Less Grey’ project that East Street Arts have started in Leeds.

“Because of the nature of applying paint to a wall, there’s always going to be small kinks in the wall that you didn’t know about. It’s never going to be as flat as a piece of paper essentially. You need to be open to changing the design in little ways.”

This broadcast aired on Thursday 3rd August 2017 (2:05pm). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

Shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017

I’m extremely happy to announce that my ‘Hello & Welcome to Leeds’ mural has been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017! The huge mural project which I recently talked about on BBC Radio Leeds has been shortlisted for the professional ‘Site Specific’ category in this years competition.

A big thanks to The Association of Illustrators, Directory of Illustration and to all of this years judges.

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (May 2017)

A year on from my first interview with BBC Radio Leeds, I was invited back to speak to Andrew Edwards and discuss peoples varying opinions on “street art”. I was also given the opportunity to respond to both positive and negative feedback from the general public on my own ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural, which has been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017.

“Just to encourage anyone to pursue something they are interested in and give them the kind of backing to suggest that it’s a positive… That’s how we should be handling all kinds of art forms in my opinion.”

This broadcast aired on Monday 8th May 2017 (12:35pm). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

‘Operation Doomflex’ – Group Exhibition

I was recently invited by Jonny Akers and Lukas Wigflex to take part in their MF DOOM inspired group show ‘Operation Doomflex’, hosted by Two’s Company Studios in Bristol.

Jonny Akers is a screen printer by trade and I’ve known him since we met in Leeds a few years back. I’ve witnessed him at work in his print studio and know his attention to detail is impeccable, so I knew this exhibition would have that same high standard that he achieves in his printing. Once he listed some of the amazing artists involved and mentioned that all the work was inspired by MF DOOM, I was in.

Operation Doomflex Flyer – Greg (Alleykats)

The theme of the show was perfect for me. I had already produced a series of hand lettering based on MF DOOM lyrics with my MF DOOM Typog-RAP-hy series. I usually like to produce new work for shows, but in the build up to this exhibition I had a small skateboarding accident that took my drawing arm out of action. I decided to re-colour two of the original pieces from my MF DOOM Typog-RAP-hy series and produce one off art prints, especially for the show.

Nathan Evans Illustration

On Friday 5th May 2017 after some last minute plinth painting, a little curating and some super quick hanging of the work, the exhibition was open to the public. It didn’t take long for the space to fill up and before long the the gallery was full of people taking in the work. I always find it’s a good sign if you turn up to an exhibition and it’s too busy to be able to stand in front of the work.

Steve Gumm of Two’s Company Studios was the DJ for the night and provided a real nice Hip-Hop soundtrack, which really strengthened the viewing of the work. When I wasn’t standing at the bar trying to win a limited edition t-shirt on hand-made MF DOOM scratch cards, I was cruising around chatting with people and meeting some of the other artists showing work.

Operation Doomflex Opening Night (5/5/2017)

The air was filled with discussions about which pieces were peoples favourites and why. Asking people what they think about the work is what I love about opening nights and they’re usually honest because the booze is flowing.

I also like to share my own opinions, so here’s some of my favourite pieces in the show…

Trap Toys
I’ve always had a huge fascination with bootleg toys and Trap Toys create amazing Hip-Hop inspired custom action figures, that just make you want to own them. This MF DUFF piece is no exception and when I heard that they had produced 130 and hand-painted each one individually, I was blown away.

Figure: Trap Toys – Backing: RichT & 45RPM

RichT & 45RPM
I’m a sucker for detail and RichT’s illustrative comic book influenced ink work is full of it! You can spend an age exploring the various intricacies within his line work and this piece didn’t disappoint. I’m a big fan of 45RPM’s strong simple graphic cartoon style too.

RichT – 45RPM

Greg (Alleykats)
As soon as we hung the work I was strangely drawn to the amazing spaced out laser beam Alleykats piece. It’s not the kind of work I’m typically drawn to but after some deliberation I figured out that the colour scheme along with the overall feel that the print was giving me was a winning combination.

Greg (Alleykats)

Last but certainly not least, the Eko piece. An exciting moment for me was accidentally meeting Eko the day before the show whilst he was dropping off the original artwork he produced for MF DOOM’s limited edition Danger DOOM album. He’s worked on multiple MF DOOM album covers in the past, so I had a great opportunity to geek out a little and ask him some design questions about some of my favourite albums. To have my work alongside the original artwork of one of my favourite MF DOOM albums feels pretty amazing.

Eko – Nathan Evans Illustration

This brilliant collection of work from a selection of seriously talented artists will be on display until mid June 2017. So if like me you have a love for illustration, or you’re a big MF DOOM fan, head down to Two’s Company Studios and check it out. There will also be a closing wrap party on Saturday 10th June 2017 from 10am to 11pm.

Thanks to everyone involved and to all those visiting the exhibition and showing their support.

Featured Artists:
Trap Toys, 45RPM, Tony Riff, RichT, Philth, Cheba, Aero, Greg (Alleykats), Eject, Nathan Evans, J.A.P.P, Idle1, Lukas Wigflex, Electric Mustard.