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Un-Common Typography Installations

A series of typographic installations investigating the tradition of commoners law within The New Forest


The right to release pigs out into the forest during the pannage season. The pigs eat fallen acorns, beechmast, chestnuts and other nuts that are poisonous to New Forest ponies and cattle.

The right to take a stipulated amount of timber from the New Forest for usages such as firewood. To protect the Ancient and Ornamental woodland, commoners who still exercise this right are now provided with firewood from timber plantations by Forestry England.

The right to put livestock out into the forest to graze on grass, heather and other vegetation. This includes cattle and donkeys, but most notably the New Forest ponies.

A Space Arts
Arts Concil England

January 2020

After been awarded the 2019 Talent Development bursary from ‘a space’ arts in partnership with Arts Council England to explore new ways of working, I developed this new series of sculptural type installations titled Un-Common.

These colourful temporary typographic installations aim to explore the age old tradition of Commoning, that still exists in the New Forest today. To many people these obscure words associated with commoners rights are unknown and ironically Un-Common.

These alien geometric letterforms playfully occupy the natural landscape of the forest, their angular forms and colourful faces sitting in juxtaposition to the natural shapes and colours we find in the natural environment. This contrast aims to illuminate these otherwise hidden, forgotten and unknown words.

You can read about how the project went here:
Un-Common – Reflecting on the Project

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