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Camden Town Brewery Zine Interview

During my ‘Love Lager’ mural project for Camden Town Brewery, I was interviewed for their Little Camden Beer Zine. They wanted to know about my musical influences, the process of painting murals and how it differs from digital illustration, as well as my opinions on whether the industry is easier or harder to break with the rise of social media platforms, a topic which I take great interest in.

“Seeing such a large amount of high quality work from industry professionals has become overwhelming and intimidating for some younger creatives and this paralyses them creatively.”

You can read the full interview here: Camden Town Brewery Zine Interview

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (September 2017)

Following the request by some members of the public to remove a mural painted by artist Chris Miller in the East End Park area of Leeds, I was invited to speak to Andrew Edwards on BBC Radio Leeds about the acceptance of “graffiti” and give my opinion on the issue. Although I wasn’t a huge fan of this particular artwork, I discussed the importance of providing platforms for young talented people to showcase their creativity in the public realm. I also covered the different levels of traditional graffiti and touched a little on my own personal beginnings in painting large scale murals.

“Some of these things can take a long time to paint and logistically it’s a real project management role that you take on as an artist when you take on these projects.”

This broadcast aired on Wednesday 20th August 2017 (12:30pm). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (August 2017)

This week I had the pleasure of being invited back for a third time to speak to BBC Radio Leeds about “street art” and my role in it’s increased acceptance in the city of Leeds. I spoke about my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural which was recently shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017. I also tried my best to unpick the classic conversation of defining the difference between traditional graffiti and street-art, as well as talking about my involvement in the planning of the brilliant ‘A City Less Grey’ project that East Street Arts have started in Leeds.

“Because of the nature of applying paint to a wall, there’s always going to be small kinks in the wall that you didn’t know about. It’s never going to be as flat as a piece of paper essentially. You need to be open to changing the design in little ways.”

This broadcast aired on Thursday 3rd August 2017 (2:05pm). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (May 2017)

A year on from my first interview with BBC Radio Leeds, I was invited back to speak to Andrew Edwards and discuss peoples varying opinions on “street art”. I was also given the opportunity to respond to both positive and negative feedback from the general public on my own ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural, which has been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2017.

“Just to encourage anyone to pursue something they are interested in and give them the kind of backing to suggest that it’s a positive… That’s how we should be handling all kinds of art forms in my opinion.”

This broadcast aired on Monday 8th May 2017 (12:35pm). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

University of Leeds School of Design Interview

I feel honoured to have been interviewed by the University of Leeds’ School of Design. I’ve had quite a lot of students contact me recently for advice and I really appreciate the importance of creatives at all levels supporting one another in the industry. I discussed how to get your work commissioned, gave my advice on how to price illustration work and offered some personal words of encouragement for art students. Most importantly of all, I got the chance to discuss my obsession with the structure of letters and how that obsession developed over time.

“There’s a sweet science to typography and each letter has it’s own set of rules on how they’re assembled.”


You can read the full interview on the University of Leeds School of Design website. Alternatively, you can download an archived version of the University of Leeds School of Design Interview.

Intermarketing Agency Interview

I was recently interviewed by Intermarketing Agency for their new ZINE. They wanted to know about the projects I’m currently working on, my musical influences, the process behind the ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural and the role I played in helping East Street Arts with the launch of the Art Hostel.

“Choice is a real luxury as a freelancer and I’m currently able to really enjoy that luxury and be selective.”


You can read the full interview on the Intermarketing Agency website. Alternatively, you can read the shorter print version and see the beautifully designed spreads by downloading the Intermarketing Agency ZINE.

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (April 2016)

Following the success of my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural project, I was invited into the BBC Radio Leeds studio to be interviewed by Liz Green about the work.

Liz and I discussed how the ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ project came to fruition, my artistic background, education in illustration and my current mural and illustration projects.


“Anything takes hard work and dedication. I’ve always had a passion for art and been able to draw, but repetition and applying myself has developed my practice”


This broadcast aired on Tuesday 12th April 2016 (8:46am). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

Fred Aldous Sketchpad Interview

Fred Aldous invited me to produce a limited edition sketchpad cover, to be part of their new range. I was more than happy to get involved and used some of my hand lettering, which now appears on the cover of an A3 112gsm Tracing pad. Which is great news, because I often use a tracing pad when plotting out my lettering.

As part of the project, Fred Aldous interviewed me about my work, process, materials and if I have any advice for artists just starting out.

“the sooner you realise that the journey towards your goal is just as important as the goal, the better. Ask yourself if this is what you really want to do and If you can say 100% that it is, then no matter what keep going at it. You will be tested.”

You can read the full interview over at: www.fredaldous.co.uk


The Making Of Typog-RAP-hy – Creative Mess

Following my collaboration with Creative Mess and the licensing of some of the illustrations from my Typog-RAP-hy series, I was interviewed for the Creative Mess blog. I was asked about my influences, my process and the behind the scenes of how I created my Typo-RAP-hy series.

“I start off by digging through a load of source material, which includes my sketchbooks, photos and print. This is where I find the fonts, letterforms or type styles which I want to bring into a piece. I see it in the same light as how a Hip-Hop producer digs through crates of records and uses samples to compose a beat.”

You can read the full interview over on the Creative Mess website.