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The wall looks absolutely great and everyone loves it!
Nathan has done a great job.

Elliot Micallef
Head of Brand - Prestige Telecom

Prestige Telecom

November 2021

Prestige are a telecoms company like no other. They pride themselves on approaching telecoms in new, interesting and creative ways. This creativity spills into everything that Prestige do and that’s why they invited me into their office to liven up the space and bring a splash of colour to the otherwise grey sales floor.

I spent some time talking with Prestige to find out what they’re all about, how they approach things and to identify some of their key brand values. I then went away, synthesised the information and began to develop wording for the mural.

‘A Million Miles From Corporate’, is an amalgamation of some of these brand values that we discussed during our conversations. These words formed the basis of the design, which I then developed visually in order to best use this otherwise awkward wall shape.

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