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Already a local favourite, in a few well considered images this work brilliantly captures the story and rich maritime heritage of Gosport.

Peter Fellows
Project Manager - Gosport High Street Heritage Action Zone

Studio BAD
Gosport Borough Council

March 2022

Maritime Gosport is a bold aquatic coloured mural that playfully reflects the rich maritime heritage of the town of Gosport and the surrounding area. The subtle abstracted graphic forms bring a contemporary twist and create a striking and visually interesting public artwork.

The subtle forms in the dark blue background are inspired by the visual representation of the sedimentary clay-beds that Gosport sits on. The aquatic colour palette of the mural is inspired by the sea and air, a range of colours consisting of turquoise, teal tones and cool blues to reflect the nautical theme of the piece.

The more boldly coloured forms in the mural are inspired by the industrial maritime history of the town. This includes shapes inspired by ships, submarines, fortifications, ropes, chains and other nautical artefacts.

There are also a few smaller details within the mural that give a subtle nod to the history of the town. The small Turkish flag found on the rudder of the ship pays tribute to the Turkish sailors that are buried in Haslar. The submarine in the mural is modelled on the shape of the HMS Alliance, a navy submarine which can now be seen on display at The Royal Navy Submarine Museum in Gosport.

The Maritime Gosport mural was commissioned by Gosport Borough Council in partnership with Studio BAD architects.

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