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Royal Agricultural University

A colourful mural for the Royal Agricultural University which visually tells the story of the importance of produce, origin, tradition and locality.


Nathan was a pleasure and inspiration to work with from the outset. He took time to understand our objectives and provided creative solutions. The final mural is truly amazing, unique and eye-catching. Our students, staff and visitors all love it and can often be found taking a proud selfie with it in the background!


The murals that line our corridors have brought colour and playfulness to our institution, whilst still echoing our core values and vision. It was a great pleasure working with Nathan and I would not hesitate to call him back or recommend him for another project.

Ryan Hanson

Royal Agricultural University

May 2023

I was commissioned by the Royal Agricultural University to design and create a mural that visually represents the university’s enthusiastic connection to produce, origin, tradition and locality. The mural occupies both sides of the servery corridor that leads to the university’s restaurant.

The ‘Latin motto’ wall relies on subtle green rolling hills, playfully depicting a typical Cotswold landscape found locally. The strong traditional lettering sits on the hills and delivers the university’s Latin motto which reinforces the sense of tradition and university pride. The English translation of the motto is echoed below; “Caring for the fields and the beasts”, a line taken from Virgil’s Georgics and adopted by the university as their motto.

The opposing ‘Produce’ wall aims to visually showcase a variety of the produce that the RAU source and also subtly hints at the origin and locality of some of the food that is served in the restaurant. The ‘Produce’ wall playfully utilises the different faces of the wall to frame different parts of the artwork, making the mural feel like it is part of the space and not just applied to the space.

I was recommended to the Royal Agricultural University by curator and public art consultant Suzanne Heath, who suggested that my work would be a perfect fit for the RAU’s mural projects.

Special Thanks:
Ryan Hanson
Katharine Clough
Suzanne Heath

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