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Be Kind To Yourself

A bold mural delivering a friendly reminder to NHS staff about the importance of self care as they selflessly help others.

It’s an absolute dream for any curator to work alongside an artist who not only comprehends the essence of the project but elevates it to new heights. My stars aligned when Nathan took on the task of crafting our staff Wellbeing Hub mural. Our goal was a bespoke masterpiece that encapsulated the modern aura of self-care and wellness. And I must say, Nathan masterfully translated this vision onto the walls, infusing the very essence of our concept into the heart of the building. We received loads of positive feedback from our staff, further attesting to Nathan’s incredible talent and his remarkable ability to resonate with our audience.


Southampton Hospitals Charity

June 2023

I was invited by curator Dr Neda Mohamadi at Southampton Hospitals Charity to design and create a bespoke lettering mural for the entrance of their amazing new UHS staff Wellbeing Hub, a purpose built space that enables NHS staff to rest, recharge and reflect.

The driving concept of the artwork was to deliver a friendly message to NHS staff, reminding them the importance of self care. The mural reads “Be Kind To Yourself”, a slogan adopted by the hospital to encourage all staff to be aware of their own personal wellbeing as they selflessly help others.

There is a subtle suggestion of a rainbow in the artwork, referencing the many NHS thank-you rainbows that were prevalent throughout the pandemic. To reinforce the environment, the letter O wears a stethoscope that playfully interacts with the lighting in the space. The bold playful lettering relies on a calming colour palette of blues and purples, to further reinforce the ethos of taking a moment to rest and recharge.

This was a really rewarding project for me, my overall gratitude for the selflessness of these special individuals has sky rocketed in recent years and it felt such an incredible honour to have the opportunity to create a permanent artwork for all the amazing, hard working NHS staff that will use the hub.

The development of the new UHS Wellbeing Hub was made possible with proceeds from the auction of Banksy’s artwork, Game Changer which was gifted to Southampton Hospitals Charity in May 2020, during the height of the Covid Pandemic.

Neda Mohamadi

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