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Bedford Place Blockades

Colourful geometric blockade murals, inspired by the Victorian architecture in the Bedford Place area.

Nathan produced some fantastically eye catching blockades that helped to transform the Bedford Place pedestrianised area in a way that was both visually strong but also linked to the place through its architectural forms. He is the type of artist who always delivers creatively imaginative and carefully crafted projects in a thoughtful way – a pleasure to work and collaborate with.

Kate Maple
Curator - Solent showcase gallery

Nathan has an innate sense of the type of work that is required in a situation such as this. His piece is bold and modern but not confrontational.

Giles Semper
Executive Director - GO! Southampton

GO! Southampton

October 2020

GO! Southampton and Southampton City Council recently closed some of the roads in Bedford Place to create more space for pedestrians. The result was more space for everyone and a series of concrete blockades in need of some brightening up. I was invited to paint two of the blockades and couldn’t wait to get started.

From the outset, I really wanted the blockade designs to connect with the local community in some way. Through some research I identified some of the beautiful Victorian architecture in the Bedford Place area and this formed the basis for my inspiration. I recreated elements of the architecture as graphic shapes and then used these to create the abstract forms that form the visual language of the murals.

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