After a successful artistic proposal to Outlook Festival 2014, I was selected as one of the artists who would paint site art for the venue before the festival started. I was given a good sized wall which was located on the main gate between the campsite and the festival entrance.


The painting was a mix of both playful lettering and figures with subtle references to Croatian culture. The characters themselves were loosely based on Zvoncari, Croatian bell ringers who ward off evil spirits.


I had great fun working alongside the Outlook Festival art team and thanks to everyone who helped me out with logistics and made my stay “comfortable”. When I wasn’t busy painting I was soaking up the beautiful sites, sipping on a little bit of rum and listening to some amazing music.

Like most Hip-Hop fans I’ve been listening to the beats of DJ Premier for a long time now. That’s why it felt great to finally see him perform live and the fact that it was a result of my own hard work made it even sweeter. Other highlights for me included seeing Action Bronson’s electric performance, classic UK Hip-Hop from Sonnyjim and a feel good beach performance by The Mouse Outfit.