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Southampton Slamma 17

“Colourful hand-painted ‘SOUTHAMPTON’ lettering for the Southampton Slamma 17 community skateboarding event.”

It was great to have Nathan involved with the event, I love his style.

Steve Béga
Secretary - Southampton Association of Skateboarders

It looks brilliant

Kate Maple
Curator - Solent Showcase


September 2017

I was invited by Southampton Association of Skateboarders to produce live artwork during their Southampton Slamma 17 community skateboarding event in Guildhall Square, Southampton. SOAS are doing some great work pushing for developments in skate facilities for young people and I wanted to show my support to their cause.

It was my first experience painting onto cellophane and although the weather was against us near the end of the day, it was a great day with an amazing turnout.

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