I was recently invited by James from The Gallimaufry to be part of ‘Brothers, Sisters’ – a group illustration exhibition in support of the American Civil Liberties Union. Myself and 9 other Bristol based artists and illustrators were asked to create a piece responding to the theme of equality and diversity.

I always aim to get involved in at least one charity project a year and this cause was something I personally really wanted to support. I chose to focus on the recent ridiculous ‘Trump travel ban’, producing a bold hand lettering piece carrying a strong positive message of ‘Unity In Diversity’, utilising an American flag inspired colour palette.

Each artist print is available to buy, with 50% going to the illustrator and the other 50% going to the ACLU Nationwide: protecting civil liberties & fighting against discrimination. The collection of work will be on display in The Gallimaufry throughout March 2017. If you are interested in buying the piece and supporting the cause, you can drop in to The Gallimaufry or contact them.

Featured artists:
Anna Higgie, Dave Bain, Hana Sunny, Lisa Rose, Loch Ness, Marj Newnham, Nathan Evans, Tabitha Panter, Tommy Parker and Sam Rowe