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Words To Live By

Bold and playful illustrated lettering for Project Calm’s first issue in their new Creative Specials series.

They both look great!

Julian Dace
Art Editor - Immediate Media

Project Calm

December 2018

I was commissioned by Project Calm to create some illustrated lettering for their ‘Words To Live By’ magazine, the first issue in their new Creative Specials series. I illustrated two letters which were showcased in the magazine, alongside the work of a selection of other illustrators.

The ‘O’ was for onomatopoeia, so I produced a letter which appeared to be an exploded diagram of speaker components, accompanied by sound waves.

The ‘T’ was for tarantism, which is an illness characterised by an extreme impulse to dance, so I gave the letter a sense of motion. The etymology of the word suggests that people believed the illness was caused by the bite of a tarantula, so I included subtle hints of the pattern found on the insect.


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