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Nathan really ‘put out a marker’ with this piece. It showed that we were not resigned to units lying dormant in perpetuity. The vinyls give a foretaste of a time when activity would once more be taking place.

Giles Semper
Executive Director - Go! Southampton

Studio Bad
GO! Southampton
MHA London
Trinity Rose

April 2021

During the lockdown, all of our lives have been disrupted and for lots of people this has brought about a feeling of uncertainty and loss of control. My intention with this piece is to provide people passing by with a message that makes them feel a sense of control over where they are both geographically and in their lives. I also want the viewer to feel a sense of joint ownership over their surroundings, which as a result will make them feel part of the community and that they are not alone.

In recent years the landscape of the high streets in our UK cities has changed. With some businesses struggling to compete with online shopping, we have seen more empty shop units popping up as a result. Art installation projects are a brilliant way to revitalise the window spaces of empty units, whilst engaging the public in interesting and exciting ways.

The ‘THIS CITY BELONGS TO YOU!’ illustrated vinyl installation was commissioned by GO! Southampton in partnership with Studio Bad architects and the building owners MHA London and Trinity Rose. I’m a big proponent of collaboration and working collaboratively with the partners in this way allows a project which is mutually beneficial for all parties involved.

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