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MF DOOM Typog-RAP-hy

“Illustrative exploration into hand-drawn lettering, based on the lyrics of rapper MF DOOM”


Hand-drawn MF DOOM Typog-RAP-hy lettering details.

Self Initiated

January 2015

Following the success of my Typog-RAP-hy series at the London Illustration Fair 2014, I decided to develop a new series titled MF DOOM Typog-RAP-hy. A series of hand-drawn lettering illustrations based on the lyrics of rapper MF DOOM. This was a self initiated project which gave me the opportunity to produce some of my most complex work, to showcase a range of my lettering skills and styles.

I also produced a one-off limited edition alternative colour version of some of the artwork for the ‘Operation Doomflex’ group exhibition.

Press Stories

Creative Mess – Interview


The work received an Honourable Mention in the 3×3 Illustration Awards.

The work was exhibited in the ‘Operation Doomflex’ group exhibition.


Lyrics – MF DOOM

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