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Intermarketing Agency Interview

I was recently interviewed by Intermarketing Agency for their new ZINE. They wanted to know about the projects I’m currently working on, my musical influences, the process behind the ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural and the role I played in helping East Street Arts with the launch of the Art Hostel.

“Choice is a real luxury as a freelancer and I’m currently able to really enjoy that luxury and be selective.”


You can read the full interview on the Intermarketing Agency website. Alternatively, you can read the shorter print version and see the beautifully designed spreads by downloading the Intermarketing Agency ZINE.

BBC Radio Leeds Interview (April 2016)

Following the success of my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural project, I was invited into the BBC Radio Leeds studio to be interviewed by Liz Green about the work.

Liz and I discussed how the ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ project came to fruition, my artistic background, education in illustration and my current mural and illustration projects.


“Anything takes hard work and dedication. I’ve always had a passion for art and been able to draw, but repetition and applying myself has developed my practice”


This broadcast aired on Tuesday 12th April 2016 (8:46am). All audio copyright belongs to BBC Radio Leeds.

Fred Aldous Sketchpad Interview

Fred Aldous invited me to produce a limited edition sketchpad cover, to be part of their new range. I was more than happy to get involved and used some of my hand lettering, which now appears on the cover of an A3 112gsm Tracing pad. Which is great news, because I often use a tracing pad when plotting out my lettering.

As part of the project, Fred Aldous interviewed me about my work, process, materials and if I have any advice for artists just starting out.

“the sooner you realise that the journey towards your goal is just as important as the goal, the better. Ask yourself if this is what you really want to do and If you can say 100% that it is, then no matter what keep going at it. You will be tested.”

You can read the full interview over at: www.fredaldous.co.uk


Independent Leeds Article

It was great to see how much positivity came from my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural project. The project was my largest and most ambitious, so for other people to not only realise that but also voice it in print is amazing. Independent Leeds definitely did that for me and also captured some wonderful images of the process.

“A bit of a David and Goliath story if you like. One man, armed with some rollers and paint cans, tackled a 20 plus metre stretch of bare wall, through rain, rain, rain and more rain, day-in and day-out for three weeks.”

Here you can read the full print version of the Independent Leeds Article. Alternatively you can read the online article and see more images on the Independent Leeds website.

Leeds Living Article

On the final day of working on my ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ mural, I was invited to be interviewed by Leeds Living magazine. They wanted to know all about the ‘Hello & Welcome To Leeds’ project and a little bit more about my past mural work. After spending the previous two weeks up and down ladders, it was really nice to just sit down with them and have a nice open discussion about my work and why I do what I do.

“he has his overalls rolled down by his waist and hands caked with dried paint, clearly not afraid to get his hands dirty”

Here you can read the full Leeds Living Article.

The Dots Illustration Portfolio Masterclass

I recently attended The Dots Illustration Portfolio Masterclass over at the Royal Academy of Arts. From a total of 350 illustrators who applied, only 40 were selected and invited to take part in the event to meet the industry professionals.

I arrived at the Royal Academy a good half hour early to settle into my surroundings and finish a little preparation. Due to the stereotypical reclusive nature of artists, I had a fear that this could easily be one of those awkward ‘creative strangers in a room’ situations. However, anyone who knows me, knows that I quite like a chat. Me and a couple of fellow illustrators had soon formed a bit of a conversation triangle. We went from a triangle to a hexagon in a matter of minutes!

The portfolio sessions are described as “creative speed dating”, I had a certain amount of time with each mentor and then moved on to the next. The time element added a sense of urgency, but also kept things moving along nicely. It only caught me out once and resulted in me not being able to speak to Alex Trimmer from Folio. However, Alex was great about it and told me to give him a call the next day to discuss my work in more depth. I followed this up and gained some really helpful advice about commissioning trends and where my style sits within the industry.


Another highlight for me was my chat with Charlie Sells from Jelly London. Charlie was very friendly and easy to get along with, whilst maintaining a true honesty in her advice.

The session ended with handfuls of salted popcorn, washed down with a couple of beers, all supplied by The Dots wonderful team. After a spell of business card swapping and a little geeking out over pens, creative suite and processes, everyone began to get ushered out of the venue. I felt the evening ended a little prematurely, but there’s only so long you can have that many creatives fuelled by free beer in such a beautiful venue surrounded by priceless artwork.

All in all I had a great time at The Dots Illustration Portfolio Masterclass. I gained some valuable insight into commissioning and heard some reaffirming comments about my illustration work. A big thanks to all the mentors, The Dots team and all the illustrators I had the pleasure of meeting.

If you’re intrigued to see what I was showing at the session, all the illustrations can be found in my Projects section.


Art Hostel Crowd Funding Campaign

East Street Arts invited me to create some striking visuals for their Art Hostel crowd funding campaign. The goal was to raise £5,000 for Leeds’ first ever social enterprise Art Hostel.

The project involved me producing hand-drawn lettering elements for the video, as well as painting a selection of props to be used on set. I even did a little bit of acting… The crowd funding campaign was a huge success and we managed to raise more than the £5000 goal.

You can enjoy the successful crowd funding video below:

After the crowd funding campaign, I was invited by East Street Arts to write an article about my experience working on the project. ‘Working on the Art Hostel Video’ can be read on the East Street Arts website.

“Time was of the essence. We had deadlines to meet and as any creative knows, deadlines are a package deal with late nights in the studio included.”

The Making Of Typog-RAP-hy – Creative Mess

Following my collaboration with Creative Mess and the licensing of some of the illustrations from my Typog-RAP-hy series, I was interviewed for the Creative Mess blog. I was asked about my influences, my process and the behind the scenes of how I created my Typo-RAP-hy series.

“I start off by digging through a load of source material, which includes my sketchbooks, photos and print. This is where I find the fonts, letterforms or type styles which I want to bring into a piece. I see it in the same light as how a Hip-Hop producer digs through crates of records and uses samples to compose a beat.”

You can read the full interview over on the Creative Mess website.



Print Club London Workshop

On Saturday night I was gliding through my Twitter feed to keep my brain full to the brim of micro facts… As I swiped away, I saw a very intriguing tweet from Print Club London. They were offering two free places on their screen printing workshop the next day.

I had been locked away in my studio working on my MF DOOM Typog-RAP-hy series and had begun to develop a mild case of cabin fever. I had also been meaning to go down to Print Club London at some point to find out a little more about how they operate. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, so I responded to the tweet… Later that evening I got a message from the Print Club saying that they had given away the two places but wanted me to go along too because they liked the work I was doing.

“You are immediately hit with the smell of ink and a wave of creativity comes over you.”

If you’ve never entered a screen print studio, it’s quite an amazing feeling. You are immediately hit with the smell of ink and a wave of creativity comes over you. You scan the room taking in all the mechanical machinery that makes the print process such a romantic one. For me the feeling is best described as one of pure motivation and inspiration to just create.


All in all the workshop was a great refresher course for myself and jogged my memory a little getting me ready for when I take my next series to print. The friendly and fun creative atmosphere really made this workshop a pleasure, instead of one of those awkward ones where you are not quite sure how you feel about going back after lunch. I had a great day and by the end of it I had a limited run of prints with a two colour gradient on a ‘Smooth Southbank’ stock, which subsequently sold out within a few days of landing in my online shop!


Thanks to all the technicians at Print Club London and a pleasure to meet everyone I met that day.