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© Nathan Evans Illustration 2017

Nathan Evans is a Bristol based Illustrator and Mural Artist specialising in hand-drawn and hand-painted lettering.

Nathan focusses on precision execution of hand drawn line work and intricate patterns, accompanied by his exploration into analogue mark making to create texture.

With over a decade of experience painting walls, Nathan can also apply his illustrative style to larger scale projects, utilising the mural skills he has developed over the years.

These skills allow him to produce multi-layered images rich in content and supported by vibrant colour palettes, providing clients with a unique and eye-catching quality, specific to their requirements.


Elmwood Studios
Allied London
Reading Festival
Outlook Festival
University of Lincoln
Leeds City Council
Camden Collective

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World Illustration Awards 2017
(Site Specific Shortlist)
3×3 Illustration Awards 2016
(Honourable Mention)


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Operation Doomflex – 2017 (Bristol)
Brothers, Sisters – 2017 (Bristol)
If You Don’t Know – 2015 (London)
London Illustration Fair – 2014 (London)
SAMPLER – 2013 (New York)
Love Unplugged – 2013 (Leeds)
Secret 7″ – 2013 (London)
Woolgather Art Prize – 2012 (Leeds)

I love the diversity of Nathan’s work and it always has a playful aspect that makes it accessible.

Karen Watson
Artistic Director - East Street Arts

Your artwork is dope!

UK Hip-Hop Pioneer

Each page on Nathan’s website is a minefield of madness, where you could spend endless hours looking closely at each intricate detail on his Illustrations.

Liam Henry
Co-Founder - No Culture Icons

Your art is sick.

UK Hip-Hop Pioneer

Nathan Evans is a humorous illustrator that has a unique style.

Jennifer Barteloni
Writer - Backseat Mafia